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This is an early release of this incursion - it is still in active development. Feedback is greatly welcomed.


Sikara inherited Sir Tabano’s estate 5 years ago, but has seldom been seen since. That’s about to change, though, as they have announced that they will be throwing a festival on the grounds.

You happen to be in the nearby village when this festival is announced. Unbeknownst to the villagers, you knew Tabano well… better than most. In fact, one might say you were uniquely special to each other, until Sikara showed up. What was the nature of your relationship? Were you rivals, or lovers, or something in between? How did it feel when he became wrapped up with Sikara?

You heard of Tabano’s death, of course, and might even have been at the funeral. Still, you received a letter from Tabano recently, inviting you to visit the village, and to stay at the estate for a season with a collection of other distinguished guests. He might be dead, but his memory brought you here, and now you have a chance to spend time at his estate. You assume it is no coincidence that Sikara is hosting the first village fête since Tabano’s death on the day of your scheduled arrival.

You would be lying to yourself if you pretended some part of you did not want to take what was Tabano’s for yourself, and live in his memory. Surely the will that stated Sikara was heir was forged. Even if it wasn’t, Sikara is single now. Tabano was charmed by you, perhaps you can charm Sikara as well, and gain marriage rights.


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