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The dog woman will bring the night, they say. All you have to do is fetch her from where she sleeps in an arroyo, deep in the Mahai’i desert.

It’s been three months since the second sun appeared, a pale rendition of her sister, but bright enough to prevent true night from ever coming.

It didn’t take long before time lost all meaning and people stumbled around sleepless, eyes bleary and red. Worse, whatever water reserves you have have evaporated, no longer spared by the relative nighttime chill. And so you have been sent to fetch the dog woman.


A folkloric desert incursion.

CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsdesert, Horror, trophy


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From the Trophy Trifolds jam roundups:

A second sun has risen and will not set, so you must travel the bleached and blistering desert in search of the dog woman who can scare it away.

Three things I liked:

  1. "Ahead of you, a woman stares at the sky while wrapped in a cerulean cloak. ... As the wind dies, you find the clock was empty, merely shaped by the air."
  2. The inversion in Rings 1 and 5
  3. "In the welcome shadows, you are met by the tearing of teeth."